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With so many rentals to choose from how do you narrow it down? Easy. Reading tenant reviews will help you make your decision faster. These reviews are from real current and past tenants who had first-hand experience. Many of the reviews will talk about features, amenities, neighborhood, and landlords. These honest reviews will give you a better understanding of what to expect, what to stay away from, and which rentals you should consider. Before you sign that lease, read the reviews – you’ll thank yourself later.

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Are you a current or past tenant that would like to share your own experience? Do you love where you live? Then you should post a review of your experience because sharing is caring. Did you experience a landlord from hell? Then why not warn others to save them from the headaches! Do you recommend a specific rental? Hate a specific rental? What makes your rental amazing or what makes it below average? Go ahead, post a review and get it off your chest. You’ll be doing others a favor with your honest review and insider tips.

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Rental Insiders was created for tenants and renters. We want to give you a platform where your voice will be heard. Have fun posting reviews, reading reviews, asking and answering rental related questions on our discussion board, and getting to know others in the community. It's always fun exchanging experiences and insider tips. Join to receive the special benefits of membership. There is no cost to become a member or do anything else on the site.

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With over 111,000,000 renters in the United States, renters have very few options for vetting a landlord before signing the lease

We focus on supporting property renters and providing them with data and information

Our users share their rental experiences on our website, giving future renters relevant insights about the property, landlord, and neighborhood

We believe that we can empower renters to make better decision and add transparency to the property rental industry

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“I was looking for a really nice place close to good schools. Rental Insiders reviews helped me confirm that I found the perfect house for me and my boys.”


“The great reviews on Rental Insiders helped us avoid a bad landlord. We were considering renting one side of a duplex but decided to check the property reviews on Rental Insiders before signing the lease. We never could have found this by ourselves.”


“Our apartments have benefited greatly from Rental Insiders. We are constantly hearing from people who have read our tenants reviews and learned about us. I can't recommend this site enough.”